December 2016 – Blue Ridge Elite Pickleball Club

The Annual BREPC Fun Tournament, 2016, was held at the Dillon Town Park pickleball courts on December 12 and 13 and it was a huge success! Hoorraay!!! Some have said, “The best tournament ever!”.

With over 60 participates in the categories of Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles there was plenty of action for participants and lots of exciting games for the numerous spectators. The mix of players of various skill levels and ages helped make the event both fun and competitive.

The improvement in player skills from last year to this year was clearly evident and speaks volumes to the competitiveness of the individual players as well as the helpful and friendly, hey lets help out the newer players, atmosphere of the BREPC.

Congratulations to all players who participated as each of the categories were highly competitive. Over time, as individual skills took center stage and new partners quickly jelled, a few teams rose to the top.

In the Men’s Doubles final, Roger Paluska and Dave Tucker faced Bill Herman and Butch Ramputi in a match that was filled with tremendous ground strokes and expert net play. Roger and Dave proved victorious.

In the Women’s Doubles final, Susan Regan and Linda Thompson faced Karen Keinath and Mer Klaassens in a match filled with several long volleys as the players showcased their skills. Susan and Linda proved victorious.

In the Mixed Doubles final, Jerry Veazey and Lori Miller faced Richard Sullivan and Joan Veazey in a match that was filled with booming serves, sizzling ground strokes and some nice net play. Jerry and Lori proved victorious.

This Year’s Most Fantastic Duo. Special congratulations to Jerry and Joan Veazey who both made it into the Mixed Doubles final and played against each other in a wonderful match. The tournament could not have been such a success without the contributions of numerous club members.

A Big Time BREPC Thank You! to the individuals listed below.

Tournament Directors. Tom and Linda Stanar did an outstanding job with their innovative fun tournament structure which ensured an enjoyable, competitive and smoothly run event. When tournaments run that well, there can be only one reason- tremendous preparation by the tournament directors. (Note: If you did not like your randomly assigned partners, blame Tom not Linda. Ha Ha.)

Official Scorer. Bob Sisti spent four hours each day glued to the score charts to make sure all results were recorded in an accurate and timely manner.

Line Judges. Thanks to all of the line judges for the finals matches. Special recognition to Jon Bowerman and Jerry Veazey for their entertaining body language and hand gestures when making especially difficult calls.

BREPC Officers. Another great tournament and a wonderful year is in progress. Much thanks to our BREPC Officers who do an outstanding job.

The Lady Who Gave Out Prizes. Monster thanks to Nancy Bowerman for her thoughtfulness in providing prizes for the winners. Her unique gifts (pickle socks and cool shirts) were the cherry on top of an outstanding two days of pickleball.

And without Nancy’s gifts we would not have had the Mixed Doubles champ, Lori Miller, running around wearing a super hero shirt, complete with cape, as the crowd cheered. Hope to see you all next year!!!


Melody Clark


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